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This is me aged six - I'm not sure if I was trying to gently touch the flower or if I was about to crush it - but either way it perfectly reflects my writing style.
I write nature focused  picture books, as Keely Parrack, and darker young adult novels as KL Parrack!

My picture book, MORNING SUNSHINE, is out March 24, 2020 with North Atlantic Books.
My agent is Tara Gonzalez at Erin Murphy Literary Agency.

I did not always want to be a writer but I have always written. I've also been an elementary school teacher, a day care director, a fashion retail manager, a waitress, and a supermarket shelf stacker! My best student job was at the movie theater, where I got to watch all the films for free! Also, despite having an English degree and teaching creative writing, I am still a terrible speller!

I was born in England, and moved to the USA for a two year adventure, but I loved it so much I stayed. And I am still here doing what I love; writing, drawing, traveling and taking photos. 

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, with my husband, our son, and a very demanding cat! 

Below are some more up to date pictures of me!

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