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The storm isn't the only thing they'll have to survive.

It was supposed to be just one night in the cabin: one night for Lottie and her brand new stepsister, Jade, to try to get along. When a solar flare causes a massive blackout-no power or cell signal-Lottie knows they've got a long night ahead of them.

Then, in the dark, someone else shows up at the cabin-a stranger named Alex, claiming to be lost and needing shelter from the coming snowstorm. But later that night, Lottie spies him in the driveway talking to two mysterious men in a pickup truck, and she's sure he's lying about why he's here.

Before Lottie can find out more, a fire forces her, Jade, and Alex out into the blizzard, where they must rely on one another to get to safety-wherever that is. In the remote, freezing Tahoe wilderness, they have to survive more than just the elements. Soon it becomes clear that Alex's accomplices are hunting for all three of them, in a scheme that's gone too far and taken a chilling, deadly turn.


"Claustrophobic and suffocatingly high stakes. Each expertly-plotted twist of this edge-of-your-seat winter thriller will chill you to the bone. Parrack spins a tale of survival and found family that will equal parts delight and terrify you. I couldn't stop reading - safely under my covers."
Rebecca Hanover, NYT bestselling author of THE SIMILARS

"DON'T LET IN THE COLD is a tense thriller that tightens the screws on every page. A worthy addition to the genre!"
Gretchen McNeil, author of Ten and #murdertrending

"Just awesome! Gripping and heart- racing thriller with multi-layered plot full of twists and turns. Couldn't put it down."
Anja Gutbrod-Pollitz, book seller, Towne Center Books, Pleasanton, CA


Kirkus Review - "page-turning suspense" (Tiny URL:

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